Steering Wheel Nation, Majiik Interactive To Launch New Motorsports Community

Steering Wheel Nation Partners With Majiik Interactive

November 13, 2022 – Steering Wheel Nation is excited to announce a partnership with Majiik Interactive to lead the motorsports industry onto the one-of-a-kind Majiik social entertainment platform in an effort to help racers, tracks, series, teams and events at all levels to have the latest in proprietary technology to increase marketability and interact with their fans in ways never before possible. 

The platform has all the functionality of Facebook, You Tube and Twitter combined with exclusive interactive technology and the ability to monetize through selling merchandise, tickets, apparel and more.  

Steering Wheel Nation CEO Tom Baker says this platform and its uniquely designed app can do everything anyone with a following needs and a lot of things no other social hub or community platform can’t.  

“The increasingly frustrating part of social media is that it’s hard to keep up with all the various platforms,” he said.  “It is hard to ensure that your entire audience sees what you post, and they all have algorithms that you cannot control that decide how your post is seen on the platform. They own your space, your content and your data, and you have to compete with so much other stuff in people’s feeds. With Majiik, you have all the same social functions inside a private community that you design and control as you wish.  There is no platform agenda, you can reach everyone in your community with a push of a button, and you don’t compete with anyone or anything else for someone’s attention.  Interact with your fans in crazy ways both in person and remotely through exclusive technology built into the app. This platform should be a go-to for everyone who has a fanbase, because the marketability of it is beyond any other platform out there.”

On December 1st, Steering Wheel Nation will launch a free community and a special subscriber community that adds value to the already existing subscription for their quarterly print and digital magazine. 

“We were going to host the digital edition on the platform,” Baker explains. “We realized in the process of making that decision that it allows us to create a special gated community just for subscribers that we can fill with all types of content throughout each week and year in addition to the magazine, making the subscription even more of a value.  They will also have access to the content that is in front of the paywall as well, because there are things we’ll want to make available to everyone to engage with including a chat group and other content.”

There are over 800,000 users already on the Majiik Interactive platform, which began as a home for independent artists to engage their fans, sell their music and other merchandise and host live audio and video events.  The platform has an exclusive reporting software that automatically notifies Billboard anytime an artist sells a song through the community or the marketplace.  This helps them to “chart” with the bigger musicians who have the advantages of a record label, radio airplay and management.  

More recently, the company has expanded the industries using its platform beyond music, and Steering Wheel Nation is the first motorsports entity to make the leap and will be excited to help others in the racing industry to do the same. 

Subscriptions for the magazine (and gated community) are ongoing. Those who subscribe on or before Sunday, November 13th will receive the special limited edition launch issue of the magazine that will mail in late November.  

“We’re keeping the introductory price to $29.95 USD per year and just adding the gated community access to the subscription.  We want everyone to see all the ways that this platform can be used, and we’d love to have other racers, tracks, teams, series and events join us on the platform and help them grow and monetize their communities as well.”


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