Steering Wheel Nation Launches Grassroots Racing Magazine

Steering Wheel Magazine Issue 1 Cover Shot

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Steering Wheel Nation is excited to share the newest addition of their media lineup- Steering Wheel Magazine. Printed quarterly and featuring an enhanced digital edition for each issue, this new magazine will focus on unique feature stories from grassroots levels in motorsports and behind-the-scenes exclusive content that you won’t find anywhere else. Karting, legend cars, entry-level endurance racing, and oval track divisions like supermodifieds, modifieds and dirt track racing are all examples of the type of coverage that subscribers can expect.

SWN’s Chief Creative Officer Tom Baker, a veteran of 36 years in motorsports media and promotion at the grassroots level, says the magazine’s goal is to advocate for short-track racing of all types and fill some voids where little to no other media exists for various divisions. “Karting, for example, gets very little media coverage when you consider the tens of thousands involved in its’ various forms worldwide. It is motorsports true grassroots division. Our goal is to help elevate karting and to help other forms of racing that are underserved from a media standpoint and to expose each of them to new audiences.”

What types of content can be expected? “We are all about personality-driven stories,” Baker explained. “There are so many amazing examples of people overcoming obstacles in our sport to achieve success. We want to share those stories. We will have some race recaps. We want to talk about the issues our sport faces in an educational and hard-hitting way, and we want to bring helpful advice on everything from setups to marketing to what it truly takes to start racing in one form or another. We want this magazine to be fun, entertaining and something our subscribers cannot wait to get into their hands each quarter. We have a strong team to launch with.  Frank Ashe, who did an amazing job with Oval Kart Magazine while he had it back a few years will be in charge of design and work with the print team. Keith Shampine of Kart Lounge will head up our kart racing content, and I’m excited to dive in and get back to doing some serious writing again and handle editing chores as well. We’ll be looking for some writers and photographers committed to grassroots racing and ready to help us be the neighborhood bar and grill of motorsports media. We want our community to drop by often, enjoy a growing mix of unique content and have a break from the world for a while.”

Subscriptions are open now. The first issue will be mailed in September. The cost is $29.95 per year and gets you 4 issues of both the print and digital versions, which will not be identical according to Baker An exclusive monthly newsletter and invites to online events will also be part of the package.

“Our strategy team didn’t want to just produce a digital version that mirrors the print version because then there’s no real use for the digital. Much of the content will carry over, but we will also add some unique digital content, including a podcast in each issue and other multi-media things that you cannot do in print form. We want the two to be similar without being identical. All of our advertising support will be in both but can be enhanced in digital format with hyperlinks and other technology. We want our subscribers to feel like they are equally excited about both formats, as if it is really 8 issues for $30 instead of 4 because the digital has its own identity and relevance. We’re all about highlighting the passion and energy of motorsports and bringing that to our growing community in a fun and exciting way.”

Get your subscription today at so you don’t miss a single issue of grassroots racing’s newest magazine!